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Men! Fun pics…..

Posted on: May 29, 2012

My best friends know I love to take pics of food. Beautiful, delicious food. Here’s a break from ‘food’ pics. Men with their hands in their pockets!  I’ve always known and now will share with pics on my trips to share this principal with you. Principal being: When men are not open to buying they shove their hands in their pockets.  I’ve worked with my husband over many the past 5 years, for him to now shop with me with his hands out and open. Occasionally I find one hand in a pocket and I gently take his hand out.  He smiles and knows/understands. Now, with his hands out of his pocket he buys cute clothing for himself and me when we shop. So special, sigh….
Here’s some prime examples of male passengers on the Star Princess who attended the SALE on Star Princess.  But you can further this theory at any store or event where the ladies shop and men may be. Look at your man’s hands and more than not they will be in their pockets.  Too funny.   ~Enjoy.

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