Stampin' Gina | Martinez, CA

Star Princess Cruise, May 2-7, 2010, LA to Vancouver.

Posted on: May 29, 2012

 Line Dancing lessons.
 Passenger working on her quilt.
 Winning macine!
 Lounge Piano man.

Adorable ‘service’ dog on the ship. He picks up money, eyeglasses or anything else his owner drops.  So sweet.

Dance lessons in the theatre before Bingo starts.

Don & I.

Our good friends, Al & Connie. What nice people!

We were assigned to a table for 10. Here is Sandy with her parents.
 These three ladies made it 6,

Connie & Al, made it 8. Don and I made it 10!  Every night we’d change our seat at the same assigned table, to keep it fresh.
 We hope to see Connie and Al again on another cruise.
 This is my dinner I order every night. Grilled salmon, broiled tomato, roasted veggies. Cheesecake for dessert, followed by the cheese and walnut bread plate. 

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