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Posted by PicasaAfter the San Jose Flea market we stopped at the Alameda County Fair, Pleasanton, CA.  It’s always a yearly treat to visit this fair for the food, fun, flowers, art, animals.  This is our favorite fair.   Enjoy!

Posted by PicasaAs we entered the fair through the carnival section there was a ring set up for mechanical bull riding.

Posted by PicasaBeautiful Raiderettes were greeting everyone as they entered the fair.

Posted by PicasaHuge turkey legs, humongous plates of curly fries which would feed a family of 5, 3 sizes of corn dogs, HALF pound hamburgers were foods we didn’t enjoy yesterday because we’ve we’ve had them in the past and we were looking for ‘new’ foods.  Read on…..

Posted by PicasaOh my…..So yummy!  The first new food we tried were sold, cooked and served by Ruthie of Apache Junction, AZ.  Definitely a first for us and very delicious. Ruthie took the Oreos from her freezer, dipped them in a light batter (which tasted like Funnel Cake)  batter and deep fried them. After she removed them from the hot oil she dusts them with powdered sugar. Ahhhhh, when we bit into them they have the very chocolate Oreo taste in a soft, warm doughnut like batter. After trying these I returned to tell Ruthie these were TWO thumbs up and we would definitely have them again!

Posted by Picasa Bubba’s BBQ serves nothing small.  All portions are HUGE, so Don and I split the Giant Western Sausage Dog, grilled with green peppers, sweet red peppers, onions and seasonings. We also shared a huge serving the the biggest fried zucchini and onion rings (with buttermilk dressing).  Delicious!

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Posted by PicasaDefinitely not a new dish, but our very favorite!  Our shared dessert.

Posted by PicasaKatie my daughter raised 4H lambs for this fair as a child. I still love their sweet faces and disposition.

Posted by PicasaWe found Miles Davis (on the sofa) and his Mom, Robin Giusti when we returned home from the Fair!  Miles is Buster’s BFF. Here is Buster (on the floor)  with Miles.  Boston’s are such sweet and very smart family dogs. Love them!

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