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Shelli & her family work so very hard at convention…..

Posted on: July 22, 2012

 During lunch time Shelli so very graciously met and greeted all who stood in line. I was thrilled to catch this pic of a demo gifting Shelli with such a beautiful mini album with many pull outs and embellishments. It was so very pretty!  Shelli and her family is so very beautiful!

 The new parents of twins!  I asked them who was keeping the babies and they pointed to a stroller to the right of Shelli. A twin stroller with a blanket to cover the babies while they were sleeping.  You parents look MARVELOUS. Love you all! 

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1 Response to "Shelli & her family work so very hard at convention….."

Gina, A fellow demonstrator emailed me the link to your site when she saw me in your photo, gifting Shelli! I was so shocked! All of your pictures are fantastic and other demos can live convention through them! I didn’t get to see Shelli last year at all. Every time I got to the line the sign was posted that the line was closed. I asked her daughter for her advice. “Get your box lunch and head straight for the line!” Shelli and her family are so genuine and gracious. It was a pleasure meeting her and talking with her for just a bit! I was about 10th in line with about 20 behind me! Good luck everybody!

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