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I received many Sympathy cards this past week after the passing of my dear daughter and I would like to share with you the ones which were made by my closest stamping friends. ~Enjoy

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 Sandra, my awesome friend came for a visit yesterday evening to bring me a card and beautiful bracelet she beaded. Wow!  Also note the pretty box she made for the bracelet. The bracelet is made from tiny blac and white glass beads.  She knows these are my favorite colors in clothing.  Love it, thanks Sandra.

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My best friends know I love to take pics of food. Beautiful, delicious food. Here’s a break from ‘food’ pics. Men with their hands in their pockets!  I’ve always known and now will share with pics on my trips to share this principal with you. Principal being: When men are not open to buying they shove their hands in their pockets.  I’ve worked with my husband over many the past 5 years, for him to now shop with me with his hands out and open. Occasionally I find one hand in a pocket and I gently take his hand out.  He smiles and knows/understands. Now, with his hands out of his pocket he buys cute clothing for himself and me when we shop. So special, sigh….
Here’s some prime examples of male passengers on the Star Princess who attended the SALE on Star Princess.  But you can further this theory at any store or event where the ladies shop and men may be. Look at your man’s hands and more than not they will be in their pockets.  Too funny.   ~Enjoy.

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Wow, a little cheese biscuit, $3.25. Great thing we brought our own healthy fruit snacks!

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Butchart Gardens entry fee is $31.95. I was overwhelmed at the many, many acres of beautiful, landscaped gardens with themes, walkways, stairs, benches to stop to rest. ┬áThis was a perfect gift to me from Don for my Mother’s Day. ┬áThank you sweetie.

The Butchart Gardens gift shop had this gown made of napkins. This dress was taller than I am at 5’4″ . The Gardens are having a contest to guess how many napkins it took to make this gown.

I loved seeing this door for employees to enter. These are cypress bushes made into a tall hedge and then they added the door. Beautiful!

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Don & I attended a cardmaking class on the Star Princess where we ad alot of fun making our cards. No stamping involved, but alot of stickers to choose from.

A Mother’s Day Cake in our dining room which was never cut. Maybe they saved it for the ship staff.
 Our favorite place for breakfast!

 Playing ‘tourist’ in San Francisco was a hoot. Don and I rode a Cable Car to Chinatown and walked around for 3 hours. It was hot on May 3 in San Francisco.
 Vancouver was so very pretty!

We took the Vancouver city bus #72 to Butchart Gardens for $2.50 per person from downtown Vancouver. The bus stop was in front of this organic doggie supply store.

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 Line Dancing lessons.
 Passenger working on her quilt.
 Winning macine!
 Lounge Piano man.

Adorable ‘service’ dog on the ship. He picks up money, eyeglasses or anything else his owner drops.  So sweet.

Dance lessons in the theatre before Bingo starts.

Don & I.

Our good friends, Al & Connie. What nice people!

We were assigned to a table for 10. Here is Sandy with her parents.
 These three ladies made it 6,

Connie & Al, made it 8. Don and I made it 10!  Every night we’d change our seat at the same assigned table, to keep it fresh.
 We hope to see Connie and Al again on another cruise.
 This is my dinner I order every night. Grilled salmon, broiled tomato, roasted veggies. Cheesecake for dessert, followed by the cheese and walnut bread plate. 

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